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Octavia Cuff Bracelet

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Leather, Water snake or python cuff bracelet with Abalone adorned with a gold-plated, brass element attached between 2 shield-inspired gold-plated brass elements. Magnetic closure.

CARE: As these pieces are gold plated and natural leather, chemicals such as bleach, chlorine, hairspray, lotions, hand-washing (for rings), showering direct sunlight and/or everyday use may affect the life of the plating and leather. 

NOTE: Magnetic closure is created with very strong neodymium magnets.  Magnets are not intended for removal from encased leather.

WARNING: Both small and large magnets can pose dangers to children and adults. Mishandling of these magnets may cause serious bodily injury or damage to property if handled incorrectly. Keep all magnets away from people who are wearing electronic medical implants or other medical devices. Keep magnets away from electronic items that are sensitive to magnetic fields such as CRT TVs & monitors, credit or debit cards, hard drives, or magnetic tape.