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Limited Edition Lucrezia Earrings

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Gold-plated, sterling silver statement earrings with Lapis, Red Agate (dyed), Green Agate (dyed) or Turquoise* stones.  

Shown here in LIMITED EDITION gold-plated STERLING SILVER.  This style is only available in gold-plated sterling silver while supplies last.

CARE: As these pieces are gold plated, chemicals such as bleach, chlorine, hairspray, lotions, hand-washing (for rings), showering direct sunlight and/or everyday use may affect the plating. 

* To the best of AmatoStyle's knowledge, this stone is turquoise obtained and represented as such from a reputable entity.  However, further testing would be required to determine the presence of any treatment to the stone to enhance it or cause it to simulate turquoise.  AmatoStyle has not conducted any such testing.