AmatoStyle celebrates the strength and independence within all of us.  Your personal style is your message to tell.  AmatoStyle values the confidence to be seen and heard for who YOU are - your way.

This debut collection of fine metals, leather and gemstone jewelry and accessories by AMATOSTYLE by NICOLE AMATO draws its inspiration from both history and the future simultaneously.  AmatoStyle’s distinct material combinations and bold silhouettes create innovative pieces while embodying the classicism of the past.   

Each piece is centered around modern yet ornate sterling silver gold-plated elements, finished with a matte patina that  may deepen in color over time, enhancing its richness.  Those pieces are layered in a combination of suede, leather and snakeskin serving as a rich statement of color and texture.  The beautiful contrast between the rustic and the refined is evident in AmatoStyle's design sensibility throughout the collection.

The ability to customize your pieces is a unique and wonderful way to make your statement.

AmatoStyle's versatile quality can transform simple jeans and a T-shirt into a statement, yet easily lends itself to formal attire, adding a beautiful and distinct character to an evening gown. 

The woman who wants to set herself apart, whether at work or play, will value the bold and unique qualities of this collection. The woman who understands the benefit of realizing the most from her investments will feel good about purchasing these pieces.