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Black Striped Agate, Red Agate or Lapis hand wired with gold-filled wire, attached to a gold-plated sterling silver medallion, 7 cm in diameter, adorned with hand-set semi- precious stones and finished with a gold-plated sterling silver charm. 32 inches in length.


BLACK AGATE: Red Agate (dyed)* (4 ct), *chalcedony (dyed) (3.2 ct), Labradorite (6.8 ct), Black Agate (Dyed) (2.8 ct), Blue topaz (radiated) (1.6 ct)

RED AGATE: Amethyst (5.9 ct.), red Agate (dyed) (9.6 ct.), Black agate (dyed) (1.2 ct.) Blue Topaz (radiated) (2.2 ct.).

LAPIS: Green Agate (dyed) (22 ct. ), Lapis (2.8 ct), Rainbow Moonstone (6.8 ct), Garnet (1.6 ct.).

* Sun and chemicals such as chlorine and bleach should be avoided.

All stone measurements are total weight and are approximate.  Actual measurements may vary slightly.